Retirement Open House in honor of Karen Roder, Friday, May 17 from 2 p.m. to 6 p.m.

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  • Agricultural Banking

    In Iowa, agriculture is the "driving force" of our economy. What is important to Iowa is most important to Ashton State Bank! We strive to understand the needs of our farmers and to help them be successful in their farming operations.

    Our lending officers have been working with and for our Iowa farmers for years and will offer only our very best advice and banking services to meet our farmer's financial requirements.

    The Ashton State Bank agricultural staff can offer a variety of banking products and financial tools to its farming customers.

    • Checking Accounts 
    • Savings Accounts 
    • Certificates of Deposit 
    • Individual Retirement Accounts 
    • Operating Loans 
    • Machinery and Equipment Loans 
    • Livestock Loans 
    • Agricultural Real Estate Loans 
    • Capital Improvement Loans 
    • Lines of Credit 
    • Online Banking 
    • Credit Card Loans 
  • Real Estate Lending

    At Ashton State Bank, we believe you should have a wide variety of real estate financing options available to choose from and a knowledgeable, experienced personal banker to help explain these options to you. Our loan officers will help guide you through the whole process and find just the right loan for the right home!

    We offer several types of Real Estate Loans from Construction Loans and Home Improvement Loans to standard Real Estate Mortgages. Stop in and visit with Nicholas Mans or Karen Simington to find out which product works best for you. 

  • Personal Lending Products

    Ashton State Bank offers a wide variety of consumer loans, with one sure to fit your needs. We give you the ability to purchase that new or used car, boat, or snowmobile. Or maybe, you just need some extra cash for the vacation you are planning. We can tailor-make a loan to suit your particular needs. Stop in and visit one of our lending professionals and see what we can do for you!

    • Personal (signature) Loans
    • Auto/Recreational Vehicle Loans
    • Loans Secured by CDs
    • Debt Consolidation Loans
    • Credit Cards
    • Student Loans
  • Commercial Banking

    Ashton State Bank is firmly committed to the small town businesses that help our communities prosper. Because these businesses make our communities better places to live, we encourage our customers to shop locally and support these businesses that keep our towns growing!

    The Ashton State Bank offers a wide array of banking products to help our commercial businesses prosper:

    • Commercial Checking Account 
    • Savings Accounts 
    • Online Banking 
    • Certificates of Deposit 
    • Individual Retirement Accounts 
    • Commercial Operating Loans 
    • Commercial Inventory Loans 
    • Commercial Lines of Credit 
    • Commercial Real Estate Loans 
    • Commercial Equipment and Machinery Loans 
    • Capital Improvement Loans 
    • Small Business Administration Loans

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